Erimish Beaded Bracelet Festival Collection

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Erimish Beaded Bracelet Festival Collection
This fine beaded bracelet will be ideal to fashion a marvelous look for yourself. The beautiful color will have you feeling fetching. The crystal beads add just the right amount of glamour and look so magnificent in their shape and appearance that they add beauty to any look. Vibrant colors make this bracelet a must-have. Overindulge yourself occasionally with something would love to have.
  • This standout jar is a breathtaking colorful blend of white, multi, and black beads!
Bracelets are 'one size fits most' and are measured for a 7.5" wrist size.
Please be aware that due to the unique and handmade nature of each product, colors, shapes, and bead sizes may vary slightly from the photos and descriptions.

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